Is our Government being controlled by reptilian overlords? Maybe....
"When the game is not fair, don't expect me to play by the rules" Ali H.
people say life a bitch hit like if u agree
Awkward Christmas photo's
A brief history of Santa
Google's rapping Santa
Battery made out of cardboard
With so many layoffs at BlackBerry, it's almost impossible to get a RIM job these days
How to park in NY
Instant Karma!
Pool jump fail
Referee takes out fighter
The most powerful news photos of 2011
Christian TV show pranked by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Millions of dots
Its better to be over the hill than under it
this post is a mistake, just like your birth
Ducks vs wind, see who wins!:
I take it went something like this:
Cats playing patty cake:
Cee Lo Green - Fuck You (Sign Language Version)
people are a lot like slinkies... completely useless and hugely entertaining when they fall down stairs.
simba in his younger years:
So now that Egypt has been cut off from the internet I suppose we'll just call the place Gypt
The average face of women across the world:
Call of duty womens addition:
Moment of zen -
happy birthday, Mr. Smithers...
I hope this doesn't effect us having break-up sex
So your knight in shining armour turned out to be a loser in aluminium foil?